Teaching concepts

To ensure that fundamental concepts and parallel sessions meet the participants’ expectations, BIAT 2013 will favor transversal courses. This concept will reinforce thematic links between the courses, the round tables and the practical sessions, while ensuring the overall reactivity of the whole program.

The organization of BIAT has taken into account the wishes and expectations of the MiFoBio 2012 community, the numerous French imaging facilities, the BIAT organization teams and the France-BioImaging network.

As was the case during BIAT 2011, the basic structure is a thematic module composed of 5 to 7 workshops based on different technologies. Each module corresponds to a scientific questioning and deals with a subset of well-defined questions that will be submitted to and discussed by the participants.

Each person registers for the module of interest and is consequently involved in the implementation of this module itself. Each person also benefits from the transversal courses that are shared by all the modules.

These courses of 30-40 mn each will be dedicated to introduction of the themes and technologies. The schedule also comprises time during which the participants are expected to analyze their data, to share their understanding and to redesign their own project in the light of their newly acquired experience (notably, programmed for the last half-day).

A large part of the schedule will be occupied by the practical courses and small group courses organized into workshops in the field of each thematic module.


Each module comprises approximately:

8 ½ hours courses (2 to 4 teachers)

16 ½ hours practical sessions (2 teachers per workshop)

6 hours data processing

4 ½ hours analysis and interpretation

Overall, 25 teachers will be involved in this training course.

This year, the program is organized according to 6 modules (the 6th being transverse) and involves the use of different model organisms:

  • Module 1. 3D+time imaging of developing model organisms
  • Module 2. Dynamics of membrane proteins in plant cells
  • Module 3. Biosensors
  • Module 4. Molecular Dynamics
  • Module 5. Super-resolution imaging
  • Module 6. Bio-Image Informatics

The week schedule alternates classes, small group courses, practical courses and intermodule sharing.