MiFoBio, the school of Functional Microscopy in Biology approaching fast!

MiFoBio, the school of functional microscopy in Biology is approaching fast!

The school’s 2016 session will be held from 30 September to 7 October 2016 at Club Belambra Seignosse.


Did you like Mifobio 2014, so do not miss Mifobio 2016!

Program available on : http://gdr-miv.fr/en/mifobio2016/program/

Over 90 different workshops will focus on the most advances technologies in the represented fields (ultra-high resolution, light-sheet, adaptive & non-linear optics, correlative light-electron microscopy, etc.).

You can replay Mifobio 2014 by visualizing all courses, after login on : http://gdr-miv.fr/mifobio-2014/documents-et-supports/modules-2014/

Lasershow (Christian Hubert)

For those who miss Mifobio 2014, a brief overview of the seminar Eric Betzig who received the Nobel Prize in the same year!