Welcome to MiFoBio, the school of Functional Microscopy in Biology

The school’s 2016 session will be held from September 30 to October 7, 2016.

The number of places is limited to 350.

A call for workshops is open (see ateliers-mifobio.fr for the procedure) .

Pre-registration will be open from February 2016 to May 2016, the 28th.

Thematic School Objectives

For fifteen years, biological imaging have been deeply transformed, thanks to the work of a broad interdisciplinary community (physicists, chemists, biologists, instrumentalists, computer scientists, mathematicians and physicians) who is both leading a basic research at the interface between photon / living and creative for new analytical tools, engaging the biological questions. The imaging developments are increasingly fast and resolutive, minimally invasive and adaptable to the molecular study in living organisms. They require both transfers of knowledge within the community, education toward young generations whatever its background, while promoting the integration of new skills, particularly in the domain analysis, data management and modeling. Those are goals of the “Mifobio” school!


MiFoBio is a interdisciplinary school aiming to provide a common background of knowledge and know-how, in order to develop novel modalities to observe and understand biological processes. The heart of the school revolves around microscopy and in-vivo photo-manipulation (e.g. optogenetics). However, developing and applying these techniques to the understanding of dynamic processes requires a much wider portfolio or expertise: chemistry to synthesise novel molecular probes, optics and physics for the development of instruments and light sources, computer science for the acquisition, analysis and storage of imaging data, and modelling to interpret the extracted data.

Given such an interdisciplinary framework of emerging technologies, it comes naturally that a school mixing theoretical and experimental aspects is required. This surely explains the success of MiFoBio, put in place by the GdR-MIV since 2004, which provides a unique environment with an exceptional instrumental showcase sustaining scientific workshops animated by the participants themselves. Over 90 different workshops will focus on the most advances technologies in the represented fields (ultra-high resolution, light-sheet, adaptive & non-linear optics, correlative light-electron microscopy, etc.). The idea is to physically setup a temporary interdisciplinary lab-space, providing the participants with a comprehensive environment going from the biological question to the instrument, the data acquisition, analysis and eventual modelling. This framework then adapts to each and every participant depending on their project and specialty, as it would in a real lab-space setting.

Targeted audience

Although organised primarily by the GdR-MIV, this school targets a wide audience through open calls to other research organisms (CEA, INSERM, INRIA, Universities, …) and scientific societies. The MiFoBio school welcomes any researcher, professor, engineer, post-doc or PhD candidate working towards the development or the application of functional microscopy in biology.

Call for Workshops

With the support of our industry partners, but also from academic laboratories to offer an increasing number of prototype systems, we will have for this school an exceptional technology package available for you to participate in numerous practical workshops proposed and organized by academic colleagues. A call for workshops will be communicated shortly.

It is therefore important that prepare a project now if you want to offer a workshop (title, description, equipment needs, no co-host). Due to space limitation, workshop will be animated only by 2 instructors.