Emerging technologies and et valorization in biophotonics – 20 sept.- @ ENS

The GDR Imabio is organizing the first day of open-ended encounters on emerging technologies in biophotonics with the theme of sharing experiences on innovations and technologies as well as technologies. The meeting will take place on 20/09 in Paris at the ENS 46 rue d’Ulm, Salle Favard.

I enclose the preliminary program where you will see the cross-participation of the academic sector that has realized the development and development with the participation of the entrepreneurial sector.

Thank you to register on the link below, the room being limited to 60 people we will register people on a first come, first serve basis.



Program :

Organization day encounter emerging technologies in Biophotonics: Innovate and enhance its development

Date 20/09 in Paris at the ENS, 46 rue d’Ulm, Salle Favard

9h30-10h : welcoming in Salle Favard RDC

10h-10h20 Presentation of the day and introduction on innovation: Sandrine Leveque Fort, Marc Tramier

10h20-10h45 Protecting the invention and then valuing it, what is a SATT, the right to value? Jean-Damien Louise SATT Nord, Economic Development Director.

10h45-11h15 Support for public research in industrial innovation, presentation of the Carnot Institute, Serge Monneret, Institut Carnot Star, Institut Fresnel

11.15-11.30 Development of innovation innovation within a COMU, Karla BALAA Deputy Director for the Development of Innovation (PSL)

11h30 – 13h Presentations Spin off / Startup from laboratories or collaborations with industrialists (15 min per presentation)

  • Antoine Delon, University Professor Grenoble, MOTIV team (Optical Materials and Instrumental Techniques for Living) Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics (LIPhy), collaboration with Nikon and Alpao companies
  • Otmane Bouchareb / ​​Marc Tramier, IR, IGDR / creation of Combo Microtech
  • Jean-Baptiste MARIE / Sandrine Leveque Fort, Institute of Molecular Sciences of Orsay, creation of Abbelight
  • Didier HENTSCH and Jean Luc Vonesch, IGBMC, experiences of partnerships, how the developments were carried out, how they were valued (how their technical evolutions were constrained by the environment linked to valorisation)
  • Jean Salamero, FBI, Dir UMS 3714 CEMIBIO collaborations with CryoCapCell and with Roper
  • Rémi Galland, Quantitative Cellular Imaging, IINS, Bordeaux University, soSpim and creation of a spin off.

1 pm-2 pm : Lunch Break

14h – 15h Round table: realization of R & D projects, collaboration between public and private laboratories, experiences of TPE companies: co-animation of the round table by companies: Eric Dréan de Photonlines and Christian Hubert company Errol

15h-16h Round table: protecting and financing its development and production: Jean-Damien Louise SATT Nord, Karla Balaa COMU PSL, Mathieu Grisolia de Quattrocento and Olivier Leblainvaux of Technofounders

16h-16h45 Round table networking of the CNRS, and GDR, vectors of innovation? Laurent Héliot director GDR Imabio, Sandrine Lecart director Rtmfm

16h45-17h00 Conclusions – outlook


For information, contact :

Sandrine Leveque Fort  sandrine.leveque-fort@u-psud.fr

Marc Tramier marc.tramier@univ-rennes1.fr

Cédric Matthews cedric.MATTHEWS@univ-amu.fr

Dowload the program here : Organisation journée rencontre technologies émergentes en Biophotonique-…