First meeting of the French Club of Optogenetics – Grenoble june 2016

Dans la perspective de la création d’une nouvelle action au sein du GDR-MIV se focalisant sur le développement de l’Optogénétique, le GDR-MIV soutient la première rencontre du French Club of Optogénétique à Grenoble en juin 2016.


Dear Colleagues

We would invite you for the first French Optogenetic Club occuring in Grenoble in June 2016.

This meeting is dedicated for all peoples who would share their expertise or would install this technology in their labs withtout loosing too much the precious time of Master2 or PhD students.

Firstly, this meeting will be the occasion to see how optogenetic can be used from in vitro to in vivo experiments.

In a second step, the meeting will be center on our community problems related to the development and the use of optogenetic. Three round tables will be the occasion to discuss and share problems/solutions in the design of optogenetic probes, light set-up for microscopy and population experiments and analysis of dynamic events. 
The registration for the 1st French Optogenetic Club in Grenoble is FREE and then fully open for technicians, ITA, students, post-doc, researcher, assistant professors and curious peoples…
If you wanted to know everything About Optogenetic, we would invite you to the 1st French Optogenetic Club in Grenoble (Institut Albert Bonniot) the 23rd and 24th of june 2016 !

Free registration / Abstract submission>>
Organization Comittee

Dr Isabelle BONNET
Dr Mathieu COPPEY
Dr Martial BALLAND