Imaging and modeling plant ovule growth and architecture

Type d’annonce: Proposition – PostDoc

Description de la proposition:

Context: Collaborative project IRD Montpellier, France (D. Autran, D. Grimanelli) – University of Zürich, Switzerland (C. Baroux) within an ANR-SNF funded consortium including expert teams in computational modeling (C. Godin, Virtual plants, INRIA Montpellier; O.Hamant, A.Bouaoud, RDP, ENS Lyon, France).

Profile: The position is open to candidates holding either a Master degree or a PhD (27 to 36 months depending on education level and experience) with experience in genetics, microscopy and molecular biology in plant biology. The candidate has a strong interest for developmental biology, a genuine motivation for computational approaches applied for growth modeling and image processing and excellent team work spirit. The position is based in Montpellier with working periods in Zurich (PhD applicant: will join a 36 months bi-national (“cotutelle internationale”) PhD Program with 12 months in Zurich; Postdoc: 6-10 months internships in Zürich to be defined). Starting date: as soon as possible.

Proposé par: Daphné Autran
Laboratoire/Institution: IRD – Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement / University of Zurich, Switzerland
Adresse: 911 av Agropolis, Montpellier, 34000, France
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