Type d’annonce: Proposition – PostDoc

Description de la proposition:

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to study CgA/phosphatidic acid (PA) interaction at
the membrane level in living neuroendocrine cells. To do this, fluorescent molecular tools are available
and novel photoactivatable and biocompatible PA probes are currently synthesized. By combining cell
biology and biochemistry methods, state-of-the-art imaging methods in cellular and in vivo models, the
successful candidate will study CgA/PA interactions and the consecutive formation of microdomains at the
endomembrane level. Therefore, we will test the ability of our chemically synthesized PA analogues to
rescue membrane trafficking defects in neuroendocrine cells from transgenic animal models.
The candidate should have completed a PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology or cell biology. Experience
with membrane dynamics, fluorescence microscopy on live cells and image analysis is required. The
candidate will be working at Inserm 1239, in collaboration with CNRS UPR 3212 (Strasbourg), CNRS UMR
6014 (Rouen) research units and the CIML platform (Marseille) to take benefit of an interdisciplinary
environment (with biologists, biochemists, chemists and physical chemists) and of state-of-the-art
facilities for cell imaging (confocal, TIRF, gated-STED, electron, light sheet microscopies), fluorescence
correlation spectroscopy, flow cytometry, proteomics and animal housing.

Proposé par: Maité MONTERO

Laboratoire/Institution: Inserm U1239
Adresse: Université de Rouen, Rouen, 76000, France
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