Postdoctoral Position – Zebrafish models of proteinopathies in neurodegenerative diseases– Institut de Recherches Servier

Type d’annonce: Proposition – PostDoc

Description de la proposition:

The Servier’s Neuropsychiatry Innovation Therapeutic Unit accommodates a zebrafish platform as a part of its experimental research, located near Paris, in Croissy-sur-Seine, France. The platform is involved in early drug development and is strongly oriented towards providing tools to screen compounds intended for neurodegenerative diseases. The zebrafish team is also involved in the project IMPRiND, which is a public-private partnership, supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and will officially start on Q2 2017. The project’s goal is to identify disease-relevant misfolded assemblies of alpha-synuclein and tau proteins and validate complex cellular systems and improve existing animal models of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
We are looking for a Postdoctoral research Associate to contribute to the development and characterization of zebrafish models for alpha-synuclein and tau propagation in conjunction with the project IMPRiND as well as our internal research activities. The ideal candidate will have a PhD in biological sciences or related disciplines, with a previous experience in the field of proteinopathies, strong knowledge of immunostaining, fluorescence microscopy and image analyses, as well as a strong interest in using zebrafish as a tool for drug discovery and target validation in neurodegenerative diseases. Good communication skills in English and French are a must to interact with the partners in the European consortium IMPRiND and the multi-disciplinary team at our Research Center, respectively.
Servier is an independent research-based pharmaceutical company headquartered in France. With a strong international presence in 148 countries and 92% of its medicines being prescribed outside of France, Servier employs more than 21,200 people worldwide. In 2015, the company recorded a turnover of 3.9 billion euros of which 24% was reinvested in research and development.

Proposé par: Anne Dekeyne

Laboratoire/Institution: Institut de Recherches SERVIER
Adresse: 125 chemin de ronde, Croissy sur Seine, 78720, France
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